Scott E-Spark 720 Plus PRE-OWNED

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A Pre-Owned Scott E-Spark 720 Plus. Save £1000 on RRP.

The Motor – Perfect for an E-MTB

Shimano E-8000 motor is a system designed specifically for mountain biking. Some e-bike systems rely heavily on pedal cadence to feed the extra power through. The E-8000 motor has sensitive pressure sensors to draw more power from the motor when you press harder on the pedals. It makes for highly responsive riding especially on technical trails where you can’t get the pedal cadence high.

Plus Tyres  – What’s the benefit? 

For electric mountain bikes, plus size tyres are a useful choice. On a conventional bike, the extra wide tyres can add to the drag. However, with the extra power that comes from an e-bike motor, this is not an issue. In fact the extra traction in the plus tyre helps you to make use of all that extra torque.

The tyres also have a damping effect so you can soak up a lot of vibrations through them.

TIP: You may want to experiment with different tyre pressures to get the best balance between damping and rolling resistance for you. 

What the Manufacturer’s say…

“The SCOTT E-Spark 720 Plus applies proven electric assist technology to a capable off-road package. Powered by the all NEW Shimano STEPS drive system, and in unison with our patented TwinLoc technology, the E-Spark 720 Tuned Plus brings another element to the mountains. Trails will never look the same. Available in the 27.5″ wheel size.”

E-Spark 720 plus front


  • New Shimano STEPS E-8000
  • New E-Spark 700 Plus Alloy Frame
  • Shimano SLX Deore 10 speed
  • Rock Shox Sektor 130mm
  • X-Fusion Nude 120mm Twinloc
  • Shimano Deore Disc Brakes

Additional information


Shimano 500wh

Brake type


Shimano RD-M7000-SGS


Rock Shox Sektor RL Solo air

Rear Shock

X-Fusion NUDE Trunnion

Frame Size (cm)

Power System

Wheel Size


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