Scott e-Sub Sport 10 men (2016)


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Now sold out. Check out the 2017 model here.

This is probably where electric bikes are heading; high-torque motor in a ‘commuter ready’ set up. It’s exactly the type of bike that will convince people that e-bikes can replace the car and the train as a viable option for daily transport.

A Bosch Performance CX in a road bike is a massive bonus for a commuter. It gives you the push off power – 75nm of torque – to be able to do hill starts and to get away from junctions, even in the stop-start flow of urban traffic.

What we like…

The combination of Performance CX motor with Shimano XT gears. This is high-specification! The effect however is complete reassurance that your bike is going to give you every ounce of power it is capable of. Previously, this set up was only available on electric mountain bikes which demanded this type of performance. So, to have it on a commuter bike means that you can feel as confident riding this as you will have ever been on two-wheels.

What you’ll like…

The commuter-ready set-up. Don’t worry about buying lights and mudguards, they’re already on here. The lights are integrated into the bike so they’re less vulnerable to damage or theft, while the mudguards are custom designed by Curana for this bike. Unlike the previous year’s model, it has ergonomic grips for comfort but has retained the popular Racktime rear rack, on which you can attach most panniers.

Summary: The Scott e-Sub Sport 10 men is a bike that will give you confidence on the road and take you from, “Maybe I should think about cycling to work” to “I love my cycle to work!”



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