Scott e-Sub Active Unisex



A gorgeous bike with a Bosch Active Motor and Scott’s well-renowned build quality and comfortable geometry.

The E-Sub range from Scott has been popular with our customers since it was launched. The E-Sub bikes are used by both commuters and leisure riders as they’re comfortable to ride for hours at a time. 

Comfort Features

You have front suspension, ergonomic grips and a generous saddle, all of which add up to making the ride comfortable.

Bosch Active motor

This is the motor that is calibrated to give the best battery economy ie. the most mileage. While the manufacturer may quote you 100 miles per charge, we think that’s a little optimistic. However, if you are going out for a day and plan to cover 60-70 miles, then you should be fine. 

Stylish with substance

We love the way this bike looks. It’s classically stylish – combining retro and modern. However, the bike is not stuck in the dark ages when it comes to components. Hydraulic disc brakes, front suspension and a high quality aluminium frame.

A few minutes test riding will tell you more about the bike than hours researching. It’s more fun too!

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