Scott e-sub tour unisex
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Scott E-Sub Tour Unisex

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If the aim of your e-bike riding is to cover a large distance between charging up, then a bike with a Bosch Active system is the way to go. Coupled with a comfortable bike like this one, you’ll be happy to spend hours in the saddle.

What we like…

Overall set up. It’s fit for purpose – 10-speed Shimano Deore gearing, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes etc – and while it may have be called a ‘tour’ bike, it would be a worthwhile investment as a commuter e-bike. It would certainly be a much nicer ride than a Boris Bike.

What you’ll like…

Compared to a lot of bikes in the ‘Dutch style’ which can be heavy – even if they don’t have a battery and motor – the e-Sub Tour unisex is comparatively light. OK, it’s not going to match your carbon frame road bike in that regard but if you’re worried about manoeuvring the bike around, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is.

Summary: Equally at home on the road or light trails, this can be your commuter e-bike during the week, and leisure vehicle at the weekends.

Specs e-sub tour unisex

Specs e-sub tour unisex 2

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Frame Size (cm)

52, 54, 56

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