Tern GSD



Tern GSD: The most useful bike ever?

  • Bosch powered electric cargo bike
  • Same length as conventional bike
  • Suitable for riders from 4ft 11in to 6ft 3in        
  • Tern GSD full specification here.
  • 0% interest finance available. Get in touch for full details.

“Enormously useful. Surprisingly small”

Designed to carry two children or 180kg of cargo, the Tern GSD small but powerful cargo bike really could replace a car for most urban journeys.

The length of the bike is the same as a conventional bike, and both the seatpost and handlebar stem can be packed down.

This means you can pack the bike into the back of a car, or store it away neatly without taking up much space. 

Tern GSD with child seats

Child seats sold separately

Tern GSD size

What we like…

Not only is it ‘surprisingly small’ but it is surprisingly comfortable as well. The tyres are wide and stable, the seatpost has a lot of adjustment to suit the rider (it’s fully telescopic), and it also has a super-responsive Bosch Performance motor, so you’ll never feel the full weight of the bike. All of these make it a very nice bike to ride, which is not what you expect on a bike with 20″ wheels!

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What you’ll like…

It’s so versatile. As already mentioned, the Tern GSD can carry up to 180kg of cargo! For comparison, a 2-litre bottle of water weighs 2kg.
Whether its kids or shopping you’re carrying around, the Tern GSD can handle it. You can fit all sorts of accessories to it to make it even more useful.
There are various cargo racks and trays, seat pads, child seats….the list goes on.

This bike would be your best friend on a holiday too. Pack it in the car until you get to your destination, and then head out and explore.

What the reviewers say…

“Supremely capable, compact cargo bike that’s brilliant for everyday life.”ebiketips. See full Tern GSD review (opens new window)

Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a ‘workhorse’ that can replace a car but don’t want to sacrifice convenience, the Tern GSD is the e-bike to go for. It’s powerful, transportable, and extremely nice to ride.

0% interest finance is available on this product. Interested? Give us a call, or email us.

Additional information


Bosch 400wh

Power System

Brake type


Shimano Deore, 10-speed

Wheel Size


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