Wisper 705 SE


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  • e-bikes for smart savers coinSmooth riding: Double the number of cadence sensors makes the bike responsive and smooth to ride.

  • Classic stepthrough frame with sweptback handlebars for comfy riding position.

  • Twist throttle: Twist to use as walk-assist, or use in tandem with pedalling to get to 15.5mph.

What we like…

The extra cadence sensors. They make the world of difference. As a general rule, hub motors do not offer as smooth riding as premium priced crank drives. The genius of Wisper has been to ‘close the gap’ with a clever bit of engineering. By putting in twice as many sensors in the set-up, the motor is twice as responsive to the rider’s pedalling. 

What you’ll like…

The price. There are not many bikes at this quality priced at around the £1000 mark. We’ve always liked the high build quality of the Wisper bikes and while you’ll certainly be able to find e-bikes below £1000, you’ll be sacrificing something, whether it be ride quality or reliability.

What the reviewers say…magazine logo

“Whether you’re thinking about getting in the saddle for the first time, want some help climbing that last stretch to the office or haven’t been on a bike for years, this virtually silent e-bike offers a simple, no-fuss way of getting from A to B.” – My Green Pod Magazine, 2017.

What the manufacturer says…

“The SE is well styled and features a very adaptable unisex design – that provides a great all around riding experience and represents excellent value for money. The Step-through is Wisper’s go to bike for most riders and the perfect choice for shopping, commuting or long country rides.”

Summary: Representing extremely good value for money, especially if you’re not on the market for a crank drive bike, this bike is an excellent all-rounder.

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375wh, 575wh, 700wh

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Shimano 7-speed derailleur


Lightweight alloy, rigid

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