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The 705 Torque by Wisper was developed in the UK and uses a torque sensor to give you smooth input of extra power as opposed to cadence sensors on less sophisticated bikes. 

Wisper by name, whisper by nature. 

This e-bike, like it’s Wisper stablemates, have a very compact motor. The effect of keeping the motor at this size reduces the sound it makes when running.  In normal traffic, you can’t hear it. 

A 5th mode to help in the ‘last mile’

There are four modes of power-assistance which use the torque sensor. However, in 5th mode – Mode F -the bike switches to using a cadence sensor. In other words, it doesn’t read the pressure in the pedals, it reads the turning of the pedals.

This means that if you’ve taken a very long ride, and your legs are very fatigued, you will be able to get the assistance as long as you turn the pedals. You don’t need to put significant force into them.

Build quality 

This is a sturdy bike that gives a solid, stable feel. If you don’t want to stretch your budget as far as a Scott bike for example, but you are anxious not to have a ‘budget’ bike, then the Wisper range is a reliable way to go.  

Ready to ride

The bike is ride ready with mudguards, lights and a rear rack as standard. We like the ergonomic grips which make a long, leisurely ride much more comfortable.


We think this bike will be a great everyday bike. Shopping, commuting and local journeys. If you go for the 575wh battery, then it would be a great holiday, or day-out bike. You’d just need to think about how to transport the bike. A tow-ball rack would be best.

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375wh, 575wh

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