Wisper 905 Torque


Wisper's popular electric bike has been improved with Torque sensors for even better performance than before.

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The Wisper 905 Torque offers a real alternative to a mid-mounted motor electric bike. Not only do you have the high-quality build that Wisper‘s are known for, but with the new improved hub motor, the quality of the ride experience is right up there too.

At first glance the dark charcoal frame might seem a little sombre but we like to think that if you rocked up to the office on the Wisper 905 Torque wearing your suit, it wouldn’t feel out of place in a corporate car park. 

Big Battery

Wisper has made sure that the components of the bike match up with ‘higher ticket’ bikes – such as the Scott electric bikes.  For example the battery, should you choose, can be as big as 575wh. This is the largest capacity e-bike battery we offer. We should just say here that we would be unsure that you would get more range out of its battery than a 500wh Bosch bike because hub motors aren’t as efficient. You also get pretty good disc brakes.

Fit for all

Wisper have gone for 26 inch tyres on this bike which will suit those of you looking to match your existing conventional bike. A lot of electric bikes are increasingly being created with 27.5 to 29 inch tyres which to some people feel too big; a 26 inch e-bike like this will be a reassuring ride that most people will like. Also, the frame is a mid-size 46.5cm which will suit most people. 


Extra Help in the Last Mile

There’s a neat feature in the Wisper bikes which really helps in the tiring last part of your journey, and that is the ‘F-Mode’ which converts the bike from a torque sensor bike to a cadence sensor bike. That means that as long as you are turning the pedals, even with little pressure, you will get pedal assistance.

Summary: Everything you loved about your conventional bike but with added power. If your budget is not going to stretch to a mid-mounted motor, you won’t be disappointed in the well-built Wisper’s.

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