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Who started Cycling Made Easy and why? See Ray’ story below: 

About Us – Ray Wookey from Cycling Made Easy on Vimeo.

Ray is an active upper 60 year old who in his own words “could be slimmer and could be fitter”.  He founded a specialist e-bike retail business 5 years ago having sold a large construction distribution business in 2007; a business that had been built over a 10 year period to a turnover in excess of £20 million. After its sale, he was looking to recreate that success in a separate sector.

“Six years ago I looked at a few established companies with a view to purchase. They were either on their knees or had higher expectations of value than seemed sensible.  Over the years I practised as a management consultant.  I used to advise clients to avoid innovation and start ups. So naturally, with stunning accuracy, I did exactly that and started a new innovative business selling e-bikes”

“My friends all thought I was potty and people would talk to me as if I was recovering from an illness. In soothing voices they’d pat my hand and say that they were sure it would all work out and I would be OK. Clearly they thought otherwise.  Since then we have doubled our sales year on year, with two attractive large showrooms in prime locations and we are an important player in the rapidly developing e-bike market.  I have assembled a fantastic team of nine people and we get a real buzz from what we do.”

Ray is a keen cyclist and rides not only an e mountain bike but also a conventional road bike and a non-electric hybrid bike:

“I love cycling with my wife or my son (he rides a carbon mountain bike) and we have fun on holiday or weekends going out with friends.  Riding an e bike means that I can enjoy a ride and I love the go anywhere option.”

“We took part in the London to Paris off road challenge over three days and went as a team of two e-bikes and two conventional.  One quarter of the entrants didn’t finish but we all made it and I learned I was the oldest to have tackled the event.  I couldn’t have done it without e-assist.”

Ray’s business background has been sales and marketing based (he has a Masters Degree in Strategic Marketing) and he has run medium and large businesses starting his own distribution business in 1985.  He is married with two grown up children and lots of grandchildren…who all get bikes for birthdays and Christmas.

Further details or chat to Ray on 0208 660 8823.

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