Why Choose an Electric Folding Bike?

Folding electric bicycles are incredibly versatile. Depending on make, model and weight, they can be a superb addition to a motorhome or camper van, or an ideal commuter that can be tucked away at home.

They can be easily stowed in a car boot for travelling on days out, and provide power assistance and the often facility of a ‘twist and go’ throttle. There is no need for a bike rack, or lifting bikes onto the top of the car as they can be stored in the boot with little hassle. They break down into a compact size, either at home or at work.

Added power means carrying luggage is easy work with no weight penalty.

They are powered travel you can take with you. Stations and parking, especially for motorhomes, is often some distance from the destination. An electric folding bike will take you to and from wherever you need to be and disappear into a small storage space at the end of the journey.

They are normally equipped with mudguards, a carry rack, and lighting for rider convenience.

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