Why Choose an electric mountain bike?

An electric mountain bike is an accessible and extremely fun means of travel & leisure for people of all ages. They are equipped with quality suspension and off road type tyres for a smoother, more comfortable ride over off road tracks and paths.

Grassy, muddy or gravel trails are rolled over with ease. Compared to the hard work of cycling over grass on a conventional MTB, an electric mountain bike will roll over the terrain with ease and help you keep your speed up with little effort. You can power up climbs to enjoy downhill slopes feeling fresh.

MTB forest web size

Anyone can have a lot of fun with low effort – you don’t have to be an experienced cyclist or mountain biker. This is helped by wide handlebars that allow for good control and improved suspension to soften out even the most challenging terrain.

Electric mountain bikes are excellent for usage down:
– country lanes,
– bridal pathways,
– footpaths and
– across fields.

All of these bikes are defined by their mountain shocks, frames and all terrain tyres that will stick to the track over the steepest angles and absorb the roughest knocks.

The higher end ranges of electric mountain bikes offer a turbocharged mix of energy and vitality. The electrical assistance enables you to overcome climbs insurmountable to the unaided cyclist. A good electric mountain bike makes the impossible easy, and will allow you to realise your cycling vision.

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