Electric Commuter Bikes – Tips for Employers

Healthier, Happier and More Productive Employees

Can you afford NOT to have cycling employees? Those who cycle to work typically take fewer sick days and are more productive.

Cycilng and productivity

Research by Sustrans showed that the number of sick days taken by employees who cycle in was essentially half the number other workers take.

GET THE BEST FROM YOUR WORKFORCE. Cyclescheme’s research of cycle commuters showed the following:

  • 82 per cent said they feel less stressed at work
  • 77 per cent said they feel more focused
  • Businesses across the UK estimate that they are losing on average over £32,000 a year in lost working hours resulting from delayed commutes by rail or road.

ONE OF THE BEST INVESTMENTS. Other research has shown that:

  • Organizations that promote the use of bicycles receive a return of between £1.33 and £6.50 for every £1 invested in cycling. – Travel Smart Australia.
  • Exercising before work raises an employee’s productivity by an average of 15 percent.Bike Silicon Valley


How can I promote electric bikes to my employees?

1. EMPLOYEE BENEFITS Does your company offer a cycle-to-work scheme? Here’s one we recommend: https://www.greencommuteinitiative.uk/

With this scheme, there is no price ceiling, so your employee can get a reliable and robust electric bike, suitable for daily commuting.

2.  BIKE PARKING. A very easy solution to bike parking is to install wall anchors to which your employees can lock their e-bikes. At £20, it’s a low cost, high benefit purchase. Read more on security here.

3. Hold an electric bike open day. We would be happy to come to your workplace to show your employees the benefits of electric bikes and help them become cycle commuters.  

Cycling Made Easy is the electric bike supplier to Croydon Council. If you are interested in purchasing electric bikes for your business or organisation, please get in touch with us for more information: 020 8660 8823


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