Why Haibike?

Haibike electric bikes are so well-designed, so mindfully put together, so carefully considered that anyone thinking of using a conversion kit should take a look at these e-bikes first.

Haibike electric bikes are designed from the ‘ground up’. Motors are not simply stuck onto a bike frame. The way that each component integrates and works together is meticulously worked out. These are bikes for people who understand that a little extra thought goes a long way.

Like us, Haibike specialise in electric bikes. Hailing from Germany, Europe’s e-biking superpower, they have been exploring what’s possible with e-bikes. Every time a Haibike electric bike comes to market, we see new design features, new manufacturing techniques, more dynamic motors.

Haibike were our brand of choice when we cycled the 300 miles from London to Paris off-road. It’s the biggest cycling challenge we’ve ever taken. There are not many bikes that can handle such tough and varied terrain. The Haibikes got us to the Palais de Versaille in one piece. If you’re looking to challenge yourself, a Haibike electric bike will certainly help you stretch to your ambitions.

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