Wind, sleet and cold. Why am I still cycling? I’ll tell you…

Despite the wintry weather, Cycling Made Easy founder, Ray Wookey, is still choosing two-wheels to get to work…and will keep doing so over Christmas. Here’s why:

“This morning I climbed on my bike and set off down the hill to our Coulsdon showroom. The weather conditions were appalling; high winds, sleet and cold. Fortunately, I was dressed for the job and when I arrived peeled off the layers and sat down at my desk, energised and ready to work.

Tonight I hope the weather will have backed off a bit but whatever the case may be, I will set off and climb 500 feet during a 2 mile bike ride to my house. In 2018 I will turn 70 years old. Isn’t it great that I can head out and cycle to and from work, in all conditions? This is all thanks to my e-bike.


My e-bike is my gym

Like most people, I look forward to this time of year when my family gets together and enjoys each other’s company. Inevitably, we’ll eat too much and when Christmas has passed, regret will kick in and we’ll make New Year’s resolutions to “get fitter and lose weight“.

Just think about how many of us buy a gym membership in January, which by the time Christmas comes along again has hardly been used and may just as well have been packed away with the decorations.

My e-bike is my ‘gym’. I ride it all year round, not just in January, and I’ll be using it throughout the holiday season. Ironically, using my e-bike so regularly means my cycling muscles are ready for a new challenge, and I have bought a new, high spec, non-electric carbon road bike to supplement my e-riding. My e-bike is also my stress reliever. Being outside and getting the blood pumping do wonders for getting rid of the tensions of the day.



The bike industry is significantly down…

Many bike shops this Christmas will not be looking back at the year with much pleasure. The bike industry is significantly down during 2017 across most sectors: road, hybrid and MTB. The star on top of the tree, however, is the electric bike sector. E-bikes are massively up and growing.

Slowly but surely, we are following our mainland European neighbours (soon to be ex neighbours) where over 1.5 million e-bikes are sold per annum. One in three full-sized bikes sold in Germany today are e-bikes, with 2.5 million on their roads (or more likely on their bike lanes, which is another story).

Over the past few seasons, I have seen the type of person shopping for an e-bike broadening. Gone are the days when we sold e-bikes exclusively to older people. Younger riders are using e-bikes to go further and do more. The popularity of e-mountain bikes, like the one I ride, has exploded, as they enable the riders to go anywhere and rediscover cycling and their youth, if they are not young already!


Achieve your health resolutions for 2018

If you have bought an e-bike from us, thank you and continue to enjoy it all year round. If you haven’t, and your 2018 resolutions include ‘getting fit and healthy’, try an e-bike, and you could be doing more, seeing more and having fun all year round.

Best wishes from all of us at Cycling Made Easy. We love getting feedback from our customers. Some have said that getting an e-bike has “changed my life”. Christmas is upon us, so either before, or in the down time post-Christmas, pop in and see us. Change you, or your partner’s, life with the freedom and fun of an e-bike.

Happy Christmas!”

Ray Wookey

Founder, Cycling Made Easy.

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