Planning an E-bike Escape


Sometimes that’s all we want to do. Get out on the road, or into nature, and just leave behind our worries until our minds and bodies are restored. If you’re looking to escape, an e-bike can help you do that. Here’s how…

Step 1: Choose a destination.

Recent scientific research is finding that exposure to green spaces is correlated with being happier, more relaxed and more creative. Sound good?

Alison on the path

Well, thanks to the National Cycle Network, it’s easy to find somewhere green to bike.
Their ‘Greener Greenways’ are spread throughout the UK and are designed to encourage biodiversity, so you can really get close to nature.

Head to Sustrans to discover the Greener Greenways.

Click to see our recommended routes.

Recommended Rides for ebikes





Step 2: Choose a bike (if you haven’t got one already)

For an e-bike escape, it’s important to have a large battery – ideally 500wh – so you can go further and explore for longer.

Or, you can choose a bike with the Bosch Active or Active Plus motors which are calibrated for long distances.


The Bosch Active motor – like on this Scott E-Sub Tour – is calibrated for long range

The most versatile bikes for going from road to off-road are 29er hardtail e-MTBs. These roll really well on the road because of the relatively large wheel, but also can tackle rougher trails.


Step 3: Prep the bike

What kind of escape would it be if the bike failed before your first pitstop?

If you don’t know how to do an ‘M’ check, check out this video here. This will at least give you an overview of the bike’s condition.

The M-check won’t tell you if it’s time to get a new drivetrain however. Most bikes and e-bikes will need a new drivetrain after 1000-1500 miles.
The best way to ensure that your bike will survive your adventure is to book an e-bike service with our team of e-bike specialist mechanics.

We can check to see if there’s any software updates that will improve your bike’s performance too.


Step 4: Increase your carrying capability

This is where e-bikes really show their magic. Even going uphill, carrying your stuff has never been easier. And take it from experienced e-bike explorers, you’ll need to carry stuff:

This is Britain. A rain shower will turn up uninvited whatever hour of the day, so you’ll need a way to pack some waterproofs…and food…and drink…and your lock…and maybe a charger so you can top up somewhere…oh, and why not bring your camera? You’re bound to see some amazing sights while you’re out and about.

You see? The amount of things you will want to bring can rack up and won’t necessarily fit into a back pack. There are solutions:

Featured items (above) :
Bike: Haibike Trekking 7.0
The Thule pannier rack can fit to the rear or front of your bike and then take panniers and/or a trunk bag.
The Altura waterproof panniers are built from heavy-duty material which will survive bad weather and can be wiped clean.
– Available in-store.

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  1. Tom April 11, 2018 at 4:17 pm #

    A great article!

    Me and my wife are planning a trip to Europe this summer and we are thinking of renting a pair of E-bikes in France and go for a cycling trip in the country side. I will definitely take a couple of handy tips from this article. Thank you!

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